Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tuesday Randoms

I don't feel like organizing my thoughts into complete sentences so here's a little bit of what's on the brain these days:

1. I got my console! And I am in looove. The best part is that the leopard stools now have a forever home. They were looking pretty sad without a roof over their precious spotted heads.

I also got my Craig's List club chairs back from the upholsterer and love them just as much. No pics just yet because the ones I took on my iphone are subpar. I'm waiting on fabric for three other Craig's List chairs to arrive, and once I get those recovered I will take some proper (read: non-iphone) photographs of my apt. Then I will share it all!

2. I recently read this book (when I finished Felicity Season 2 but was still waiting on Season 3) and LOVED it. Read it now and tell me what you think.

I am now trying to decide between Where'd You Go, Bernadette? and The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes. I have them both and want to start one this week/weekend. If only I could pull myself away from the Felicity...Only 14 episodes left EVER. SO SO SAD.

3. I recently got a set of three of these paper peonies from Etsy and they are muy bonitas - makes me happy every time I catch a glance of them on my nightstand. The mercury glass jar doesn't hurt either.

4. Paul Revere is twinkies with Jack Black! Don't even ask how I figured this out. I'm sure someone else has made this comparison before but I pinky promise I came up with it on my own :)

5. I went the to Restoration Hardware and Williams-Sonoma/Pottery Barn/West Elm outlets in San Marcos this weekend and fell in love with these blue coral (?) glasses. Unfortunately they were $21 each, and I wanted about 8 of them. Didn't happen.

I did, however, get this mercury glass tray. It's currently on a side table in my den, next to a mercury glass candle and holding a miniature mercury glass vase of faux flowers. Apparently I love me some shimmery shinies.

6. I know this song is not new, but for some reason I just recently discovered it. So great.

7. These disposables razors are the BOMB. I would know because I have tried them all. These are even better than most of the non-disposables I have tried. Trust. Still waiting on the flower/water thing to happen as pictured below, but that is my only complaint.

8. This artsy blog is pretty interesting. Lots of creative peeps out and about.

9. I seriously want one of these replica Hermes trays. Ooh La La Finds on Etsy has some of the best reproductions I've seen yet.

10. There are LOTS of movies I want to see this summer (some old, some new, most discovered via A Cup of Jo). In no particular order, they are:

Ten seems like a good solid number to stop at so that's a wrap :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Black & White Fabrics - What's Your Vote?

While I wish I could blog all day and all night, work has been busy, busy recently so I will be doing quick posts whenever I can swing it. I am currently in the midst of waiting for a few final touches to come together on my apartment before I really feel like it is "done" (not "done, done" but done to the point of not being embarrassed if people come over!). Only took me 14 months...

One of the things I am currently working on is recovering this pair of Asian chairs I picked up from (where else?) Craig's List on Saturday.

I looove the chairs but obviously do not like the baby pink silk damask upholstery. That needs to be remedied STAT. I am thinking something neutral (probably black & white) since I already have a lot of color going on in the area. Here is a selection of potential Schumacher fabrics that I am going to check out in person tomorrow. Hopefully I will fall in love with one of 'em once I get the samples home and on the chairs.

What do you think? Like any of the above? I have been trying to use a gingham check fabric for a while now and haven't ever felt like it was the one. Maybe these chairs are the ticket? We shall see.

In other news, I have recently added this stool and MASSIVE (70x47 inches) epoxied canvas photograph to my to my breakfast room/kitchen/den area.

This picture does not at all do the horsies justice, but it's the only one I could find online. I am OBSESSED. It's from High Fashion Home for any Houston locals. There is some great art to be found there, especially in the oversized category (which happens to be my favorite).

I will take some pics of the breakfast room/kitchen/den area once everything is done, but don't hold your breath. Just cross your fingers I can make a quick decision on the fabric above. I chose the navy fabric to recover my Craig's List club chairs (which I should be getting back this week EEK) in less than 24 hours so I have faith.

Hope your week is off to a good start. TTYLaters.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

West Elm Art & Other Affordable Art Ideas

I haven't been checking West Elm's new offerings in a while, and apparently I have been missing out because they are KILLING IT in the art department right now. And everything is super reasonably priced. Who cares if a million other people have it too ;) Anyone remember the Friends episode where Rachel buys everything for her and Phoebe's apartment from Pottery Barn but has to make up elaborate histories for each of the items since Phoebe hates big box stores. Well, Phoebe probably wouldn't approve of this art. But I do. Check it out.

I actually have something very similar to the second from the top (the ivory woven paper). A couple years ago, after seeing this post on Elements of Style, I DIY'ed my own version by spray painting two large pieces of woven paper gold, spray glue-ing them to a piece of white cardstock and framing them in a basic white Ribba frame from Ikea. They are currently above the nightstands on either side of my bed. Easy peasy. If you are interested in creating your own version, just search "woven paper" or "Amate bark paper" in Amazon or in Google "Shopping Results". The paper I used is very similar to the Amate Bark paper in woven Butterscotch sold here.

Framing decorative papers of any kind is a really cheap way to make some more high-end looking art. How cool would this Amate Bark paper in mint be framed with a thick white mat and a gold frame?! Reminds me of malachite. Swoon.

Marbled paper is another favorite. Check out this incredible collection. My brain is exploding! I think the one below is my fave. Thinking a thick white mat and gold frame with this one too. Hard to go wrong with that combo right thur.


Hope everyone's having a good weekend. I'm off to High Fashion Home to look for some fabric for this sucker.