Thursday, May 9, 2013

El Viejo Mexico Handmade Custom Furniture

The dresser I mentioned a few weeks ago has arrived! I would say "finally" but it really didn't take that long.

The best part? It was delivered and installed for FREE. That is a huge plus in my opinion, because furniture shipping/delivery/moving is NOT cheap. And if the piece is super heavy (like this one) it can be a pretty stressful process. It's always nice to have someone else do the heavy lifting for you (pun 100% intended). Two thumbs up for El Viejo Mexico!

The pulls we ended up going with were these for the larger bottom drawers:

and these for the smaller top drawers:

Both sets of drawer pulls are in the "old iron" finish. For a better look, here are some close-ups of how they look on the finished dresser:

I think they turned out really great. I love how the two types of pulls look together and how the darker "old iron" finish mixes with the "antique coffee" colored dresser. Also, we became known at the furniture shop as "the people with the really nice handles" - I'll take it!

As a reminder, this was the inspiration:

Pretty spot on, don't cha think? If you are interested in ordering a custom furniture piece for yourself, I would definitely check them out. It's easiest just to drop by their warehouse  and bring a picture of what you want them to recreate. Anything that is 100% wood is fair game.

After seeing the finished dresser, I'm even more excited to see the piece that I "ordered" last week - my new console! I showed you guys the list of consoles I had narrowed it down to, and ultimately I ended up going with this one (but in a light wood finish):

I can't wait to see the final product. And to give my leopard stools a forever home.

Also, I haven't done any fitness recaps or fitness-related posts in so long. Not sure if y'all care or not, but eventually I'll get back to it when I have something worthwhile to share.

As a start, I'll recap the last few weeks of workouts at least for my own record if nothing else :)

Week of April 8

Monday - 30 minutes HIIT elliptical, Define
Tuesday - 30 minutes cardio (stairmill & elliptical)
Wednesday - Define
Thursday - 45 minutes stairmill, 15 minutes cycle, Define
Friday - None (Austin wedding weekend!)
Saturday - 30 minutes HIIT elliptical
Sunday - None

Week of April 15

Monday - 30 minutes cardio (stairmill & elliptical), Define
Tuesday - 30 minutes HIIT elliptical
Wednesday - 55 minutes various cardio, Define
Thursday - 25 minutes HIIT cycle
Friday - Ran 3 miles, walked 1 mile (bachelorette par-tay weekend!)
Saturday - None
Sunday - None

Week of April 22

Monday - 30 minutes stairmill
Tuesday - 30 minutes HIIT elliptical
Wednesday - Define
Thursday - None
Friday - 30 minutes HIIT elliptical
Saturday - Define
Sunday - None

Week of April 29

Monday - 30 minutes cycle, Define
Tuesday - 30 minutes HIIT elliptical
Wednesday - Define
Thursday - 30 minutes HIIT elliptical
Friday - Ran 3 miles, walked about 2 miles
Saturday - Define
Sunday - None

This weekend I'm off to Hunt/Kerrville, TX for a wedding (hurry up, Friday!), back to Houston for 36 hours, then off to Belize/Lubbock for the next 8 days. Point is, I might be kind of invisible for a while. But hopefully I'll come back with zero moray eel bites (note of advice: don't google "moray eel injuries" right before you go snorkeling) and lots of great pics. In the meantime, let me know if you discover teleportation. With all the traveling I have coming up, I could really use it...


  1. I'm wondering how the dresser is holding up? We are looking at purchasing some furniture from El Viejo but are concerned about the quality since there are few online reviews.

  2. Wondering the same thing! Insight??

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