Friday, March 8, 2013

Herve Van Der Straeten Jewelry & 45 Minute Incline Walking Workout

TGIF, everybody! Speaking of TGIF, does that phrase remind anyone else of the ABC Friday night line-up of the 90's? Think Full House, Boy Meets World, Family Matters, Step by Step, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, etc. I wish something could get me as excited today as a back-to-back viewing of those shows did back then :)

Not much to report from this week over here. All is quiet on the (south)western front. Just a standard week full of working, workouts, errands and lounging. Although the lounging part has been a bit harder than usual with the absence this week of both Nashville and Reven8e. "Repeat" has quickly become a four letter word. At least I can still count on Showtime and HBO (knock on wood). Last night I had to resort to watching The Skulls, which I was actually okay with since I'd never seen it. And also, Paul Walker. What happened to that guy?

In other news, I have been helping one of my bestest friendlies search the internet for earrings for her upcoming wedding. In this process I have stumbled across many things I need for survival the jewelry collection of Herve Van Der Straeten and am officially in love. Per some googling, I discovered that he also makes furniture and lamps. Well hello, Mr. Trifecta. I especially like these particular beauts:


But my favorite of his collections is definitely the jewelry. All of his wares have a sharp architectural element to them, and I especially love the way this comes through in the jewels. Each and every piece is a statement making show stopper that would make any outfit popCheck out a sampling of his items below. All available here.

Edited to add that Neiman's also has an excellent collection. I think maybe even better. Yikesssss.

So great, right? Definitely outside my budget but still fun to admire from a distance. Also, did I mention that my birthday is on Sunday? I did? Weird.

Last but not least, here's an easy incline walking workout that you can do when you're feeling less than energetic and just want to "veg out" and watch TV. I did this on Wednesday while watching the first half of The Bachelor "The Girls Tell All" - drama!

Even though this workout never felt terribly hard, it still ended up burning about 400 calories. Almost as active as Tierra's eyebrow's Twitter account. Sparkle!

Did you watch TGIF growing up? Have a favorite HVDS jewelry piece? I'm loving the first earrings. Have a great weekend!


  1. I love those LAMPS!!! And the first pair of earrings duh. And....I might need to do my "week in workouts" as comments here, bc I desperately need some motivation. I'm running color run in 2 wks and I can't believe that I'm actually scared I'm not in shape for that - pathetic! Oh yea and Boy Meets World was my fave!

  2. Btw. Paul Walker will be 40 on Sept. 12. Just FYI. No big.

    1. Omg I know! I came across that in my "research" haha. We will be 30 two years later so there's still a chance...

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