Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Craig's List Roundup Round Three (I think?)

Happy Hump Day, fellers! Per usual, I have been scrounging around Craig's List looking for furniture I probably definitely don't need. Finding heavily discounted furniture for no purpose is fun for me in and of itself (not being sarcastic); but it's even more fun when I can share those finds with you. Just because I don't have a need for any of this ish right now doesn't mean something might not work for one of you. Check it out and let me know what you think down below. I've included a few inspiration pics where I could find them.

Red Buffet/TV Console - $200

Buffet/TV Stand - $425

Dining Room Buffet/Server - $250

I would re-stain the vintage buffet below a darker color but I love all the inlay and carving detail.

Vintage Buffet - $160

Large Carved Mirror - $450

I am stressed out by the chaos reflected in the mirror below, but the mirror itself is pretty awesome.

Large Gilded Mirror - $350

There are also lots of plainer large-scale mirrors available for a song (think $50-$100). I didn't show them here because I wanted to showcase the more unique pieces. Just search "large mirror" or "oversized mirror" if that's what you're looking for. For example, the giant gold mirror below is only $65.

Large Beveled Glass Mirror - $65

And because no Craig's List post is complete without drooling over some finds from Dallas, here's what I've found in the Big-D.

Octagonal Bamboo Mirror - $250

Brass Chandelier - $500

These club chairs would need to be recovered, but the price is pretty great. And since there is not a lot of fabric surface area to cover, the cost of new upholstery wouldn't be unbearable.

Pair of vintage club chairs - $200

Pair of Teak Side Tables - $495 ($400 with 20% off coupon)

Ignore the heinous fabric on this bench. For only $90, you can recover this in whatever you want and still have an affordable custom piece.

Upholstered Parsons Bench - $90

OMG that reminds me, I forgot to tell y'all that I got my leopard stools! I am OBSESSED. So obsessed that both italics and upper case shouting emphasis are required.

The other night I passed by them on my way to the kitchen and told them that I loved them. Not planned, not forced, it just came out. I couldn't help myself. They are that incredible. Here's a reminder of the inspiration pic I found on One King's Lane from this post.

Pretty freakin' close, amiright? If I remember correctly, the pair above was selling on OKL for $1,500 - discounted from the original price of $3,000. All in all, mine ended up costing $500 for the pair. Not too shabby when compared to the original. The stools themselves were $100, the fabric was $150, and the labor was $250. And the result is priceless! It's  my very own Master Card commercial.

I think a Craig's List success story is a pretty good way to end a post about Craig's List so with that I'm out!


  1. i like that bench and kind of want to buy and recover. like, tomorrow.