Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Round-Up

Since Valentine’s Day is only 2 days away (hall-o!), I figured I would share some creative V-Day gift ideas I have stumbled upon recently for all you procrastinators out there. It might be too late to obtain/fashion some of these gifts, but hopefully you can find some inspiration if you’re still struggling with what to do. Let’s just say that most of the things I am doing for my V-Day gift have come from ideas I found on these sites!

Oh Happy Day's Heart Balloon Surprise (awesome!), Giant Letter Valentine, Giant Valentine's Day Posters, Valentine's Robots and more on the rest of the site. She makes me feel super uncreative!

Camille Styles' 10 Best Printable Love Notes and Perler Bead Valentine's. Was anyone else obsessed with these things as a kid? Or Creepy Crawlers, homemade loom potholders and Lite-Brites? Craft addicted children unite!

And if you are really a procrastinator, you can always go with a good old fashioned coupon book! As long as you give thoughtful and genuine coupons, this gift is a winner. For example, I would like a handful of 15-30 minute massages or arm scratches without any stopping or complaining. Doesn’t that sound nice? ;)

Not possible...

I’ll come back on V-Day (or shortly thereafter) and share my gift(s) so as not to spoil the surprise until then.



  1. I wouldn't trade you for a box of Smoky's.