Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Gift Reveal

As promised, here is an explanation of the semi-DIY gift I gave my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. I am in love with the mugs - which are my favorite part of the gift - but the robot packaging is pretty awesome. Robots are also a long-standing inside joke between us that started before we were even dating so I thought it was only right that I make this project come to life.

Here's a break-down of all the v-day loot:

1. Two personalized 15 oz mugs from Tiny Prints (which I got the idea for in this post from Jenna of Eat Live Run).

The first mug is a collection of pictures from last week's trip to Jackson Hole (pretty self-explanatory)

And the second mug (which is my real masterpiece) shows three pictures of his our MY dog Charlie in various states of caffeination. Here is a pic of the actual mug...

...and here are the original photos since the one above isn't super clear. We prefer her mid-coffee state in case you were wondering.


2. Fresh coffee to use in his french press coffee maker, with the two mugs

3. A box of Thin Mints (to freeze and enjoy until next year obvi)

5. A cute polar bear card...because why not?

6. A burned CD of pump up jams for the half marathon/marathon in Austin this weekend (distance TBD)

7. And last but not least the Valentine's robot packaging!

Here is a picture of the final product. I snuck into his bathroom early this morning before he woke up to plant the surprise.

Verdict: he LOVED it! Except for the part where he opened the bathroom door, saw two beady little eyes poking out of the darkness, and thought there was a gremlin crouching on on his bathroom counter. Whoops… Crouching gremlin, hidden robot?

What are you doing to celebrate Valentine's Day? We are going to dinner with my family as an early birthday celebration for my dad since we will be out of town this weekend (on his actual bday). Have you gotten/seen any creative valentines today? I so miss the days of K-12 when you got to exchange valentines with all your classmates!