Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Trader Joe's: A Love Story

Last night I finally made it to Trader Joe’s (one opened near my apartment in January), and I am obsessed. I was able to find every single thing on my list without having to venture to Whole Foods or Central Market. Success! Here’s what I ended up getting:

For Breakfast:

  • 1 large bag baby spinach
  • 2 bags of frozen very cherry berry blend
  • Unsweetened vanilla almond milk

I have been making this smoothie for breakfast every morning for the past few weeks and loaded up on the ingredients I was out of. I have started adding spinach to the original recipe because it’s green and you can’t taste it.

For Lunches:

  • Bagged butter & spring mix lettuce
  • Avocados
  • Chicken broth
  • 21 Seasoning Salute
  • Chicken breasts (1.34 lbs)

For lunches this week I’m making big salads with shredded slow cooker chicken breast, mixed lettuce, half an avocado, and homemade salad dressing.

For Dinners:

  • Udi’s whole grain bread
  • Earth Balance margarine spread
  • Eggs
  • Egg whites
  • Pre-cut broccoli and brussels sprouts

I wanted to keep dinners simple this week since I only had a few to make, and nothing is easier than toast and eggs. I also got some roast-able veggies for something green.


  • Green juice smoothie (blended/pressed fruits & veggies)
  • Frozen stir fry veggies
  • Light coconut milk (I’ve heard this can be good in smoothies)
  • Frozen dried persimmons
  • Grapefruits (unpictured) 

So far I have tried the green juice smoothie (I put a little in my smoothie this morning), and it is real good stuff. I’ve also tried the persimmons and LOVE them. So unexpectedly delicious. They are like nothing I have ever had before. Cold and icy and sweet and scrumptious. Even better, since there is nothing added to them they are a super healthy treat. Only 11 grams of sugar and 75 calories per fruit. I had one last night on my drive home from the store (because I had to sample something) and had another one this morning for a little pre-run sugar rush. I don’t expect these to last past tomorrow.

And here are all the things that tempted me:

Frozen sweet potato gnocchi – yes please

Chili spiced dried mango – intriguing

Ice cream sandwiches made with actual cookies and dipped in mini chocolate chips – YES

Pre-made blueberry and pomegranate green tea – refreshing

Sweet potato tots – The more sweet potato items the better

Frozen falafel – Haven’t had falafel in a while but these were looking pretty good

Strawberry chia seed smoothie – also intriguing, reminds me of the Synergy brand chia seed kombucha (which I have tried and like)

Frozen crab cakes – I’ve never had a frozen crab cake, but I am obsessed with crab cakes in general and these had pretty good sounding ingredients

Mini cookie bins – There were tons of flavors of these, but I thought the caramel cashew looked the best. Side story: there was a girl from California that I went to camp with who would get bins of cookies in the mail from her mom that looked exactly like this. They. Were. So. Good. We ate them by the dozen. Aaand, since Trader Joe’s has been in Cali for a while, I bet these were them! So very dangerous…

And one thing that did NOT:

Salmon jerky – Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew

Long story short: that will not be my last trip to Trader Joe’s. If you have one in your area, you should definitely check it out. And if you don’t have one but live in one of these fine cities, don’t fret. You will be getting one soon:

Amherst, NY
Asheville, NC
Austin, TX
Baton Rouge, LA
Boulder, CO
Columbia, SC
Dallas, TX
Denver, CO
Evanston, IL
Stamford, CT

As I mentioned yesterday, I wanted to give a quick update as to how I did on last week’s goals. Here is my half proud/half ashamed recap below:

  1. No alcohol – All I had was one glass of wine with dinner on Saturday. Pretty darn close.
  2. 10 or more glasses (80 oz) of water per day – Weekday success, weekend fail. Same shyawt, different dyah.
  3. 5 cardio workouts – Yep!
  4. 2 Define classes – Yep!
  5. Reading as much of The Virgin Diet book as I can and possibly (hopefully) finishing it before Monday – Total pages read: zero. FAIL.

Looks like I have some reading and water drinking to do.

Have you ever been to Trader Joe’s? If so, what’s your favorite product? Those persimmons are currently topping my list, but the green smoothie juice is at a very close second.


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