Friday, February 15, 2013

Curiosity Killed The Cat

Have you all heard of the term curiosities? Curiosities are rare, strange or fascinating objects that are often grouped and displayed together (i.e. in a curio cabinet) according to a common theme. For example, a grouping of preserved butterflies and insects, dried flowers, or things from the sea. I love the layered look of curiosity inspired design, but creating an actual curio cabinet would take way too much time. Here are a few examples of how curiosities can be incorporated in interior design without all that work and time!

Steven Gambrel-designed powder room, wallpapered in pages from Albertus Seba's Cabinet of Natural Curiosities.

San Francisco powder room inspired by Steven Gambrel's room above.


Illustrations from Serbian graphic designer Vladimir Stankovic.

Katrien Van der Schueren's The Art of Instruction, which I have as a coffee table book in my apartment. I would love actual posters of the pages one day - there is a pretty good selection of them at The Evolution Store here and here.

I also like this poster if you are going for a moodier, slightly "creepier" look.

Curiosity Cabinet Poster
As well as this pair of framed botanical prints, which is crazy affordable considering the framing is included.

And these oversized pressed ginko leaf botanicals, which might be my favorite of all time. They are originally from, but it looks like they are either no longer in stock or currently sold out. Sadness...

Have you incorporated any curiosity-inspired decor into your home? So far I only have the book, but someday I shall have more!

P.S. Happy Birthday to the best dad in the world! You haven't aged a bit. Can't quite say the same for me. Love you!