Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Week in Fitness & Happy 2013!

Happy New Year, everybody! I know everyone says this, but I kinda can't believe it's actually here. 2013 sounds very futuristic! Hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating last night whatever you decided to do. I know I enjoyed my last 24 hours of 2012. I spent the better part of the day putting the finishing touches on some apartment redecorations, one of which included installing my new headboard!

My dream room of this:

Has finally become this:

And I am very happy about it. I still need to replace the dust ruffle and get a pillow/pillows (possibly in this fabric), but it's coming along quite nicely. The bedding is actually from Ikea, and it is so cute. I'm sure it will get wrinkly as all get out before long, but for now me likey.

Fortunately I had the help of my dad and my brother's cutie pup who read the instructions to us while we worked.

However he eventually decided that we were amateurs and that it was way too exhausting to help us. After trying to chew anything and everything that would fit into his little Mary Poppins purse of a mouth, he gave up and took naps all around my apartment in protest.

Such a little bebe burrito in this pic! I can't handle it.

Once the apartment to-do's were to-done, I went over to my boyfriend's house where we cooked a delicious new year's feast. We made wedge salads, seared scallops, dry aged boneless rib eye, sauteed veggies, and chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream and crumbled toffee. And of course some a lot of champagne. It was all so good, but the Mother Myrick's Buttercrunch toffee may have been the highlight. My boyfriend got it as a Christmas gift from a co-worker, and OMGIT'SSOGOOD. I could not. stop. eating it last night. So addicting. I highly recommend it.

Speaking of eating butter and sugar...while I'm not super into making New Year's resolutions, I am excited to try out some new things in the coming year/months/weeks.

These include, in no particular order:

1. The slow cooker that I got for Christmas and am expecting to change my life. It is currently cooking chicken for me, and it smells delicious.

2. The oil cleansing method of face washing. I got the idea here, but you can read about it all over zee net (just google "oil cleansing method"). I whipped up a small batch earlier today and am going to start using it tonight. I'll let you guys know how it goes if I'm not too busy filming skin commercials.

3. Reading this monster of a book (seriously if I can finish this brick before 2014 I will be impressed). I heard about it in this movie (which I thought was pretty cute and would definitely recommend - Elizabeth Olsen was fantastic), did a little investigating on Wikipedia and Amazon, and decided to order it via the magic of Amazon Prime on Sunday. I'll do a review if when I finish it.

4. Listening to these two songs on repeat. Can't. Get. Enough. Also not at all against the "dancing" baby goat that first appears at 2:02 in the "Decisions" video. I consider his head bob to be dancing because that is more fun than the reality that he is probably not dancing and does not appreciate being taken to a loud bar.

Last but not least, let's recap the week in fitness since it is already Tuesday (3-day work week this week, oh yeah!).

Monday - Rest day
Tuesday - Ran 3 miles, walked 1 mile
Wednesday - 30 minute cycle workout, Define
Thursday - Define
Friday - 30 minute HIIT workout (20 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes cycle)
Saturday - Rest day
Sunday - Modified version of this HIIT incline run, 30 minutes cyling

What are you excited about trying out in the new year? Any other song obsessions happening out there?


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