Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Living Room Progress

Over the past year or so I’ve started getting really into fabrics. I think my obsession started when I was looking for something to recover my kitchen chairs.

This mission led me to the wide world of fabrics that exists on the internet and in stores around the world at High Fashion Home. Sifting through all of that fabric is a weird mixture of overwhelming and addicting, especially if you are searching online. But all the sifting is worth it in the end when you find that perfect combination of color, pattern, and texture for your tushie home.

Why all this talk about fabrics? Because I am currently in the midst of two fabric projects. The first is recovering some stools I bought on Craig’s List, and the second is making a bolster for my newly redecorated bed. Since fabric is on my brain, I figured I would share my recent finds with all three of you. If any of you are also in the process of finding fabric, one piece of advice I would give you (especially if you are painfully indecisive like myself) is to order/pick up some samples and live with them a while before making a final decision. Even if you have to shell out a few bucks for a sample you may not use, I promise it’s worth it. I am currently heeding my own advice and living with the fabric below as a potential for the bolster. Like they say, do as I say and not also as I do, or something like that.

While I have yet to pull the trigger on the bolster, I am making some actual progress on the stools. Over the holidays I bought these cute little stools for $50 each off Craig’s List. Sorry this photo's not great painful, but I'm not at home and it's all I've got. You get the idea...

Love these little guys. Cheers to cheap Craigsy finds and to not getting murdered in the process. To be honest, I got a little bit of a murdery feeling picking these bad boys up since the "deal" went down at 10:00 at night. Don't worry, I took proper precautions and my collection of homemade shanks a male companion with me to keep it safe. Joking aside, there was no sketchiness to the transaction other than the pick-up time, which was mainly due to my schedule anyways. Craig’s List still rules. But always be cautious!

Sooo I am officially obsessed with the shape of my stools. That sounded way better before I typed it out - yikes. Dare I say that I like them more than these x-base stools I have been lusting over for months?

I think maybe I do. Howeverrr, the fabric on the Craigsy stools is very outdated. Very 80s, 90s or something equally offensive. Thus began the hunt for some new fabric.

The process was pretty simple. My inspiration for buying these stools in the first place was the cut and paste mood board below that I created when I first moved into my apartment. This board was meant to serve as a guideline for the colors, patterns, and textures I ultimately want to incorporate in my living room. So I knew I wanted something in the orange or leopard family.

A little side note/background on the mood board. It was inspired by Claiborne Swanson Frank's den (pictured below), which was feature in Elle Decor last year. Upon seeing this room I immediately fell in love with all of the awesome patterns and colors. However, I decided to warm it up a bit by replacing the red/pink with orange and adding the charcoal. Plus, nude furniture in a high-traffic room spells disaster for a klutzy person like me.

To get my living room really looking like its inspiration board I still have quite a ways to go. For example:
  • My couch is currently ivory (but washable!)
  • I am waiting on my mom to redo our den at home and give me the hand-me-down tufted chairs (which are actually skirted, swivel, and more blue than navy)
  • I don't yet have the blue pillows but have a cheaper, similiar-ish version from Tar-jay
  • I have made similar curtains using Home Depot painters drop cloths and some hem tape (I should do a tutorial on that), but I have yet to add the orange trim

However, I do have all of the pillows shown on the sofa, I do have a sofa, and I'm in the process of making those stools a reality. Bit by bit, my friends. So...the stools. After weeks of debate, I finally bit the bullet today and ordered this fabric. I ended up going with leopard over dark orange because I consider leopard to basically be a neutral and wanted them to be more versatile for the long haul.

In my humble opinion, the fabric I chose is a perfect leopard fabric and the price can't be beat. Now that I've snatched up the yardage I need I feel comfortable sharing my secret with you. I imagine that the stools will look like these beautiful pets when they are done, and I cannot wait. I'll be sure to come back with an after photo the instant they are camera ready.

Alright, I'm tired and the leopard spots are making my eyes hurt so that's all I've got for you tonight. Once I can get my hands on a proper, non-iPhone camera I'll share some more apartment shots with you guys if you would be interested. I know I love creepin' on other people's places!

What's your favorite fabric source? What's your favorite fabric in your home?


  1. I officially need those x-benches!

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