Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Awesome Treadmill Workout

Been a while since we've seen a workout around here, no? Hopefully the one I'm about to show you will totally make up for it.

A looong time ago (like maybe a year or two ago) I saved a copy of this "crazy treadmill" workout from One Fit Foodie to my phone. Does anyone besides me take screen shots of recipes/workouts/books they want to read/etc. on their phone as a really ghetto version of Pinterest? I have been doing it for years, and I can't won't stop. I think maybe I invented Pinterest and didn't even realize it. Ugh, that's like millions of dollars I could have made down the drain. "I don't think my father, the inventor of the Toaster Streudel, would be too pleased to hear about this."

Anyways. I remember doing this workout once or twice back when I discovered it at my fancy old apartment gym (so miss that luxury); but for some reason I didn't really keep it in the rotation. In need of some variety in my workouts, I went scrolling back through all of my iphone pics on Monday and stumbled upon this lovely gem. I tried it again yesterday and have no idea why I didn't do this workout more frequently. Not only is it killer, but it goes by fast because you are constantly changing the speeds, incline and position. In my opinion it is not quite as brutal as the treadmill workout included in this post, but it still left me sweating buckets.

Yesterday my friend Brittany and I attempted to do the workout as prescribed on One Fit Foodie, but we couldn't quite keep up with her version. Homegirl's hardcore! Three straight minutes of running at a 10% incline?!? Just no. So I changed her version up a wee bit to make it manageable but still tough. I give 99.9% of the credit for this workout to Naomi so thank her, not me, for your hot new bod (bee-tee-dubs she has tons of awesome workouts on her blog if you are in the market for more).

Brittany and I are going to try to this workout again tomorrow, and hopefully complete my revised version above without any modifications. Fingers crossed. I think the version we did yesterday was a little easier than the one I've included here, but I'm up for the challenge. That being said, feel free to prolong the walking breaks, decrease the speed, lower the incline, stop and eat a cookie, etc. to make this workout challenging for your level. No need to pass out at the gym please. And if you are a wizarding beast then I suggest you try Naomi's original version. If you can get through hers without resting, you are my hero. Maybe that should be my new goal? To do the workout, not to have you as my hero.

Anyways...give it a whirl and report back. And if you are awkward like me and don't want to do the "off treadmill" parts solo in a crowded gym, feel free to skip them. I personally wouldn't do them if I weren't in a barely-populated gym and/or with a friend so I feel ya 100%. Awkwards unite!

What's the best workout you've tried/pinned/found on the web recently? What have you invented that someone else stole from you? Is it Friday yet?


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