Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wants For The Home

In the spirit of holiday giving, let’s talk about some things I want for myself, shall we? Hey, don’t you judge. My birthday is less than three months away and I have to start planning ahead, mmk? These are all things for the home, running the gamut of price ranges from "Hey! I can afford this!" to "Yeah, not-so-much". Maybe you will find something that you want to buy for me because I am so nice your home too.

BTW, here is some proof that I am in fact nice and should be given presents. I was on the phone when I ordered my coffee at Starbucks last week (rude I know), and since the barista wasn’t able to ask for my name, he named me this instead. Basically made my day.

Nice Girl On Phone. That's me!

Alright let’s get to that list.

First off are these awesome pink agate bookends. I will take agate bookends in any color, but I think these pinkies are extra special. The site where I found them has lots of alternative color options if hot pink doesn't fit your décor scheme. It doesn’t really fit mine either, but I think I could find a way to make these work.

I actually think the hot pink would mix well with this festive print from 20x200. Love me some black and white photography. The artist, Jessica Craig-Martin, “first started to take party pictures for a very wealthy New York businessman who wanted a record of his jovial and vulgar drunken office parties. From this work [she] was hired by Anna Wintour to cover the New York party scene for Vogue.” I think this particular party image is so fun and would be an unexpected touch of cheekiness in an otherwise buttoned up abode.

I am seriously considering purchasing this silver tray from Wisteria. Gonna at least wait for a possible after-Christmas sale so I can save a dolla makes me holla, Honey Boo Boo child. If not, maybe for my bday! I think this would look great on my glass-and-lucite-combo coffee table topped with some coffee table books, a candle, and this little guy from Furbish (got him already).

I am getting a pair of hand-me-down blue tufted swivel chairs from my mom when she redoes the den, and I am already planning to floof them up with a couple of these Kelly Wearstler Bengal Bazaar pillows. I think they will go well with the Celerie Kemble Hot House Flowers pillows I currently have on my sofa. Pillows Anonymous, lifetime member.

I absolutely love my coffee table so this guy is probably not in my near future, but maybe I can find a spot for the coordinating side tables. I love the tribal design of these tables, and I especially love the price!

A handful of these tables were used as part of the decor at a wedding I went to last weekend, and I had to try really hard not to take one all of them home as a party favor. I would have been just like Melissa McCarthy in Bridesmaids when she takes all the puppies from the wedding shower. “I took nine…”

On a trip to Target last week – where I managed to only by two things that weren’t on my list (!!!) – I found these very affordable beauties in the lamp department. The last thing I need is another lamp, but maybe he can come live with one of you. “Oh how you sparkle, and oh how you shine…”

I have exactly zero places where I could put this mirror, but I have always loved it, and it’s very affordable. Someday. I think it would look amazing in a beach house and/or against dark colored walls.

And last but definitely not least, something I will always want but will never actually bring myself to buy. No, I'm not talking about a teacup Boston Terrier.

I'm talking about an orange Hermes Avalon blanket! I have wanted it ever since I saw one in this incredible cabin in House Beautiful. Don’t even get me started on those cubby bunk beds at the end. I die. So yeah, if you have an orange Hermes throw that you are tossing out to redo your home please send it to me at 1234 Never Gonna Happen Road. A girl can dream.

What's something you've been wanting for your casa recently? Do you already have any of the above?


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