Thursday, December 20, 2012

Twas The Weekend Before Christmas

Afternoon, guys! This post is going to be a bit random as I'm in a mad dash to brave the airport and head to Oklahoma to visit family for the weekend. I'll be back in Houston on Sunday, ready for some Christmas celebrations!

While I love visiting family over the holidays, I am always happy to wake up in Houston on Christmas morning. Something about being home for Christmas just feels right, ya know? The holidays are significantly less exciting now that I'm no longer a child/student/believer in Santa, so I appreciate any semblance of Christmases past. I miss that feeling of sheer excitement when you wake up around 6:00 AM on Christmas morning, try to wait until 6:05 a normal human hour to wake up your parents, then lovingly push your little brother over and run down the hallway into the den to see what Santa brought you! If I could bottle up that feeling, I believe I could make millions. Christmas-in-a-can - you heard it here first.

Anyways, I am so grateful to be able to take time off for the holidays - to spend time with family and friends and recharge before the inevitable work craziness of the brand new year. Unfortunately my body thinks the day before adult Christmas break is the appropriate time to develop a major cold. RUDE. My normal meds have not been doing the trick, so I decided to try a witch's brew more natural remedy this morning to see if it would bring me some much-needed relief. While I am not completely healed, it did help me not suffocate breathe a little easier so I figured I would pass it along to you. I got the idea and original recipe here but tweaked it a bit as noted below.

Here is the recipe I used:

3/4 cup water
1 bag of Breathe Easy or Echinacea tea
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon raw honey
The semen of a righteous man

You should be able to find all of the above ingredients at your local health foods store. I linked to the products I used, all of which I found at Whole Foods. Just prepare the tea according to the instructions on the package and stir in the apple cider vinegar and honey at the end. The vinegar makes it very strong and acidic, so sip slowly. It should help clear your nasal passages almost immediately, but drink the entire thing if you can.

On a completely unrelated note (told you this post would be random), I have a last-minute gift idea for any potential beer lovers on your list. Last year as part of my brother's Christmas present I made "reinbeer" after seeing the idea on Pinterest. One of the very few Pinterest projects I have pinned and actually followed through with! The process is super simple (there is a tutorial here), and the result is super awesome. Here is a pic of my final product. So realistic I can almost see Santa's sleigh full of presents trailing behind...

The only things I did differently from the tutorial above are:

1. Get six different types of beer, all holiday themed. There is an HEB in Houston that allows you to buy individual beers, but I'm sure there are other places (liquor stores, beer specialty stores, specialty supermarkets, etc.) that provide this option if there is not an HEB in your area.

2. Stuff newspapers under the back two rows of "reinbeer" to create a tiered effect with the "reinbeer" in the back being the most elevated.

In the words of my boy Justin Bieber, I'm gone! But not without leaving you with a little Mariah. I just couldn't do that to you.

What is your secret remedy for a cold? Save me!


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