Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Favorite Salad & The Avett Brothers

Wow, I need to get more creative with my post titles. Next time, I promise. At least you know what you’re getting yourself into, right? As the title so coyly suggests, I wanted to share with you all today my absolute favorite salad recipe that I “invented” when I went through a bring-a-salad-to-work-every-day phase a couple years ago. I still bring salads to work quite often, but this one is more of a special treat than an everyday occurrence. Don’t wanna burn myself out on this bad boy. If you like sweet potato, goat cheese, and/or delicious things, you’re gonna love this ensalada tan deliciosa. And it is super healthy to boot. It has THREE GREEN THINGS in it, okay? And none of them are skittles, m&m’s or sour patch kids (although that salad would not be bad at all).

Who needs lettuce?

This salad is not even a recipe really, just some things I like to put together in a massive Tupperware, shake up, and eat. I take the salad to work in one container and the dressing in another and wait to mix them up until it’s time to eat. Soggy salad ain’t my thang. If you agree and would like to partake in this festival of the mouth, here are the ingredients/instructions you will need. You should be able to find all of these products at your local health foods store (i.e. Whole Foods or Central Market)

For the salad

·         A few handfuls of spring mix greens
·         ¼ ripe avocado, cubed
·         ½ baked or microwaved sweet potato, cubed
·         1 serving goat cheese
·         ½ bag steamed (on stovetop or microwave) frozen broccoli (cooking directions on the bag)

For the dressing*

·         2 tablespoons nutritional yeast (found in the bulk bins)
·         1 tablespoon water
·         1 teaspoon grainy mustard
·         1 teaspoon Bragg’s amino acids
·         ½ tablespoon grapeseed oil
·         ½ tablespoon maple syrup or honey

*If you don't want to go to the trouble of making your own dressing, Brianna's New American dressing is a dee-lish-ous alternative.

Random side note: do y’all have ½ tablespoon measuring spoons? My old roommate had one, and it literally changed my life! Ha. She was a much better cook than I and had so many great gadgets and gizmos. When I moved into my new apartment last Spring I went to Target and bought every can't-live-without item that she introduced me to, including the ½ tablespoon measuring spoon. So helpful when you want more than a teaspoon but less than a tablespoon. I am a freak of all things measuring (true story: one of my best friends in high school had me in her phone as “I measure things”), and that wee amount of precision excites me. I need help.

Also, did you know that there are 3 teaspoons in a tablespoon and 4 tablespoons in a ¼ cup? Helpful knowledge when trying to multiply or divide a recipe. Math is cool! Have I lost you yet? Good. Now back to the salad.

Like I said above, mix all of the salad ingredients into a big Tupperware , and the dressing ingredients into a smaller Tupperware. Then, when you get bored at work hunger comes a knocking, salad + dressing = lunch. BOOM. To get maximal coat-age of the dressing on the salad, drizzle the dressing over the salad, pop the lid on the large Tupperware, and shake vigorously until people in the break room at your office start to look uncomfortable. If no one looks uncomfortable, you’re not shaking hard enough. Also make sure you mix the dressing with a fork before you drizzle. No one likes chunky salad dressing, or chunky flip flops for that matter, but I digress.

If you wore these in the 9th grade, raise your hand feet

On a non-strange-footwear-fads-of-the-2000’s note, have y’all heard this new-ish song from The Avett Brothers? I am obsessed! Makes me wanna sway side to side and snap my fingers backup dancer style. I was fortunate enough to see these guys perform at Free Press Summer Fest last summer, and they are just as good in person as they are in my dreams on their records. Have a listen. Maybe listen while eating your salad? A treat for the mouth and the ears. Either way, let me know if you try this salad. And I promise I will come back next time with a non-recipe post. Hate to do two similar style posts back to back, but this what I felt like posting today so deal with it!

What is your favorite salad (homemade or from a restaurant)? My favorite restaurant salad is hands down Carrabba's house salad with shrimp. Creamy parmesan dressing lovers unite! What is the strangest fashion trend of your teenage days? Platform flip flops and midriff baring tops still haunt me to this day.


  1. OMGAHHHH the Carrabbas house salad!!! Salivating. Also, this salad needs to happen. Gotta love the nooch yeast!!

    1. Glad you know what NY is! Likely we both have Allison & Kelly to thank for that :)

  2. I love your blog Amy! Love a good work salad. I've never tried nutritional yeast, but the fact that (ahem) just called it nooch yeast makes me want to hurl.

    1. Hahaha. Blog wars! Thanks for the comment :) NOOOOOCH yeast is weird but super healthy and tasty in the right recipes. Another dressing that's so good on this salad is Brianna's (what a coincidence) New American dressing if you don't want to go to the trouble of making your own. Might need to add that to the post now thanks!