Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Gems From My iPhone Archives

From time to time, I like going back through my hundreds of iphone pics and realizing I have an unhealthy obsession with dogs reminiscing over the past few years.
  I usually find a handful of pictures I had forgotten about that I find just as funny today as I did back when. I decided to rifle through the archives today and share some particularly oustanding gems with the rest of the class.

Hopefully there's something on this list that gives you the midweek LOL you needed on this still-too-warm-to-be-December Wednesday.

1. Saw this then immediately texted it to about ten people. Nerds unite!

2. This happened. At my office. And it made my day.

In the words of Chandler, "Your work makes me sad."

3. First I read this HILARIOUS post. Then I ran into this lovely fellow at a gardening store in Houston. If you haven't read the post, do it now. It's much funnier than what I'm sharing over here. I dare you not to laugh out loud.

If you like me then you shoulda put a ring on me

4. I don't have an MBA, but I can definitely relate to the bottom right. Plus this is just funny to me so it gets included.

5. My brother spotted this dapper diner at a restaurant in Europe while abroad last semester. Even the dogs in Europe are more proper than in America. For crying out loud IT HAS A BIB.

6. Gemma Correll's illustrations crack. me. up. And this one is no exception.

7. Sometimes Most of the time this is the only way an argument is ending in my favor.


8. This was my Target haul on my I-just-moved shopping run in April. You know the Target fairy that puts things in your cart when you're not looking? He/she was clearly working overtime. I have never been more embarassed to check out in my life. Funnily enough that Cascade is still kicking. I swear I do my dishes...

9. Don't go Aibee!

10. Don't be sad. Friday's only two days away!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. When Hannah does 7. I wanna freakin' rip my hair out!

    1. Ha! Sometimes when I'm losing an argument I just give up and go with #10.

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