Monday, December 17, 2012

Aziz Ansari is Hilarious

For some reason, possibly because I have a pretty dry sense of humor, there is not a whole lot that gets me ROTFL. So when something does make me really laugh, I pay attention. I watch it multiple times. So many times that maybe I unintentionally memorize it. I share it with lots o' peeps so that they will know what I am talking about when I obnoxiously quote it. Blah, blah, blah. You get the point. Friends can usually get me going (especially the earlier seasons), and Dane Cook stand up makes me laugh until I cry. I know my love of Dane Cook might earn me some haters, but short hair don't care! Methinks he is funny.

While these Aziz Ansari clips might not be on par with Dane Cook and Friends, they are pretty darn funny and definitely quoteable. I can't remember how or when I first discovered the "Apps & Zerts" clip from Parks & Rec, but it is so great. Check it out.

"I call noodles long ass rice...tortillas are bean blankies."

A few months later my brother told me about Ansari's stand up, which is just as entertaining. My two favorites are "Harris" and "Crush on a Waitress". Love the entusiasm with which he delivers his bits. I will warn you that these are semi-inappropriate and probably NSFW so use headphones!

"No guys! I just talked to Edelstein again. You'll definitely get the points back. Just mention my name and the fact that I exist."

"What's up everybody? Just so you know, someone that's appeared on television is here."

And just for good measure, two of my all-time You Tube favorites.

1. Drinking Outta Cups - I had a serious obsession with this video circa Fall 2009. Literally typed the entire thing out and semi-memorized it. The animation that goes along with it kills me.

2. Klavenisms: Outtakes from I Love You, Man - Funniest movie EVER. "I will hit you with the chips, I will catch you on the beans." This will probably only be funny if you have seen the movie. If you have not seen the movie, go rent it now! Then come back and watch this video, mmkay thanks.

What are your favorite You Tubes of all time?


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