Friday, November 30, 2012

I Hope I Don't Neglect This Blog

When I tried to come up with ideas for my first blog post I considered everything from “My Favorite Homemade Salad Dressings” to “Why You Should Stop Hating Hayden Panettiere”. I wrote down 45 possible topics, and will eventually get to most (if not all) of them. However, since I am nothing if not indecisive, I decided to be verrry general with my first post - just a brief introduction and some random things that have been making me happy over the past few weeks.
I don’t have a particular vision for this blog, other than “Stuff I Do When I’m Not at Work.” Hence the name, Extracurricular Activities. Since I’ve been reading approximately inifiniti blogs since starting work a few years ago, I figured it was time to give back and start a blog of my own. Consider it community service of the 21st century. Adopting small children from foreign countries:Angelina::writing incredible blog posts:me. It will also be a nice place for me to keep track of the stuff I like. And probably the stuff I don’t like too, since that can sometimes be more fun to talk about (j/k…kinda).
Now that you're sufficiently bored from reading, here are some pretty pics for your eyeballs' enjoyment. In no particular order, these are some things that I have been loving recently. Enjoy!

1. This bedroom

I have been obsessed with this bedroom for a while but have only recently started to make it my reality. When it finally comes together I plan to reenact some version of David at The Dentist -"Is this real life?!?" Should be interesting. So far I've bought this Tanuki throw (don't know what a Tanuki is, don't care) from Joss & Main, originally from Fabulous Furs...

...and this headboard from Skyline but in a charcoal gray.

Now all I need is some simple white bedding, which should be easy enough to find. Not sure why I am procrastinating on the easiest item, but I can only assume it's because all white bedding will mean I can no longer eat popsicles in bed. Also, I need to give my credit card a break since I just finished my Christmas shopping yesterday pleasedon'thateme.

2. These citronella beer candles from Etsy. I told you this would be random. The only person I can think to buy these for is my boyfriend, but he has a very destructive set of friends dog who likes to eat such delicacies as wooden tables, brick walls, and insulated Tervis cups. I fear these candles would look like giant sticks of bacon in her sweet puppy dog eyes. But someone needs to get them!

3. This book. There is a better review of it than I could ever give here, but all I can say is go read it now. You will not be sorry. I finished it a few weeks ago and am STILL thinking about it. To me, that is a sign of a really good book.

4. Puppies in lifejackets. No explanation necessary.

5. These mercury glasses from West Elm. They were 30% off earlier this week, and I bought one of each size. Planning on using at least two of them on this tray (in white) on this dresser with two of these lamps and possibly some of these paper flowers, which I have yet to order. I have the dresser and lamps already and ordered the mercury glasses and tray earlier this week. Hurry up West Elm! (but also please pack these carefully so they don't break thanks)

6. While this post is getting long, and I really wanna end my list at 5, I just can't omit my favorite new show of the 2012 season. Like American Idol converted me from a she man woman J. Lo hater, Nashville has me actually not-hating liking Hayden Panettiere. Not sure why I didn't like her before, not sure what she's like in real life, just know that Nashville is the best new show on television. I saw the pilot on a flight back home from a friend's wedding in September and was not impressed. However, with limited options in my non-cable, non-internet, a-smart-phone-with-abc.go-is-my-only-connection-to-civilization apartment, I decided to give it another shot. And boy am I glad I did. It's like Revenge and American Idol/The Voice/X Factor/Soul Train combined. Drama, check. Awesome music, check. Connie Britton, check. You. Must. Watch. Then call me to discuss.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading! I know this post was a long one. Please feel free to leave comments such as "OMG you're so cool!" or "Laughing out loud while simultaneously buying all the things you linked to." I would really appreciate such constructive feedback.

Thanks and come back soon!